Nepenthes stenophylla

Photography Rod Kruger © copyright 2004

Nepenthes stenophylla, also known as N. fallax by some botanists, has a wide distribution across the mountains of northwestern Borneo. It grows in highland heath forest, and ridge top vegetation, both terrestrially and as an epiphyte. The species can be variable across its range, and some variants are more colourful than others. The plants in the photographs on this page were from Gunung Belingi, near Ba Kalelan, and the upper pitchers grew to around 25 cm. The plant climbs readily, scrambling over the stunted vegetation which it cohabitates its environment with.


ELEVATION: 900-2600 meters

Grow as a typical highland plant. This species has a reputation as being sometimes difficult to grow, but we have found it easy if treated as a typical highland plant. It will tolerate occasional warmer weather, if humidity levels are maintained. Prefers potting medium with a high percentage of sphagnum moss. Once established, the plant grows quite rapidly.

SCALE: 1-5 (1-easy, 5-challenging)

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