Nepenthes rafflesiana

Photography Rod Kruger © copyright 2004

Nepenthes rafflesiana has a wide distribution, and commonly inhabits cleared areas, through to dense secondary vegetation. Morphological variation is widespread in this species, and many interesting forms are known. A lot of these forms have made it into cultivation. This species is typically a lowland plant, and grows in a variety of substrates, including clay, sand and peat.LOCATION
Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore

ELEVATION: 0-1200 meters

An easy species to grow if treated as a typical lowland plant. It typically does not handle lower temperatures or humidity well, and whereas the plant itself is tough to kill, it will not produce pitchers if the conditions are unfavourable.

SCALE: 1-5 (1-easy, 5-challenging)

rafflesiana upper
rafflesiana lower
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