Nepenthes glandulifera

Photography Rod Kruger © copyright 2004

Nepenthes glandulifera is another recently described species from the isolated Hose Mountains, in central Sarawak. The plant grows in mossy forest, in open areas and along ridge tops. The vegetative parts of the plant are covered in small black nectar glands, and the whole plant is covered in long, dense hairs. Pitchers grow to 20 cm and are usually covered in red mottling. This is an interesting and unusual species.


ELEVATION: 1200-1600 meters

New to cultivation, this species seems to prefer similar conditions to its relatives, N. pilosa and N. stenophylla. Grow as a typical highland plant, with a potting mix based on sphagnum moss.

SCALE: 1-5 (1-easy, 5-challenging)

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