Nepenthes albomarginata

Photography Greg Bourke © copyright 2010 Nepenthes albomarginata purple in cultivation
Nepenthes albomarginata grows in a variety of habitats, including heath forest, summits and ridges of low mountains, and in open vegetation. This species is easily distinguished by the thick white collar, which is located just under the peristome. It is this band that is made of sacrificial trichomes especially designed to attract termites, which are the main prey of this species. So successful it is that one pitcher can trap up to 6000 termites in a single night!Several colour forms exist in cultivation, and all have a thick pitcher structure, which is covered in short, dense hairs.

Borneo, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia

ELEVATION: 0-1100 metres.

This species will tolerate a wide range of potting mixes, and is tolerant of slightly lower temperatures than many other lowland species (not for extended periods). Grow as a typical lowland plant. Do not let roots remain waterlogged.

SCALE: 1-5 (1-easy, 5-challenging)

Nepenthes albomarginata dark form
Nepenthes albomarginata var. rubra in cultivation Nepenthes albomarginata green in the wild Bako National Park. Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.
Nepenthes albomarginata var. rubra Nepenthes albomarginata in the wild Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo

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